Project Description





Type: Office Furniture

General Use: Commercial Furniture

Mail packing: N

Design: Modern office furniture

Usage: Office Building Room

Design Style: Modern

Appearance: Modern

Application: Office Building,Hospital,School

Specific Use: Office Desks

Size: Customized Size

Color:Custom Color

MOQ: 30 units

Feature: combined with linear


Introduction of the workstation:
1. Linear office workstation
Linear desks will make the office more compact and dense, making full use of space. In addition, from the company’s point of view, office equipment sharing can save more costs. And for employees, the office space created by the linear desk makes people’s visual space more open. Such office furniture can not only shorten the distance between people and promote communication and cooperation between people, but also create a relaxed office environment for employees and improve work efficiency.
2. Special-shaped office workstations
Special-shaped desks, also called multi-person desks, are not suitable for long and narrow offices. It is placed in a long and narrow office environment, or combined with linear workstations. Compared with linear desk workstations, it takes up more space and is not particularly beautiful. The y-type office modular workstation is particularly suitable for an open, large-area office environment, and is more economical than linear desk workstations and l-type desk workstations.