Features of office workstations:
Functional characteristics of office modular workstation 1: Wide application.
Desks are essential office furniture for enterprises. This is related to the current social productivity and determines the number of workers divided between enterprises. Demand determines production, so desks are widely used by enterprises.
Functional feature two of the office modular workstation: exquisite and practical.
The importance of office modular workstations in office life is irreplaceable. It has the characteristics of practicability, durability and high cost performance, which is in line with the status of employees in the company and the cost savings of the company and the company for the ultimate profit goal. , It is very delicate and practical for enterprises.
Functional characteristics of modular office workstation three: focus on high efficiency
The pursuit of efficient office is the common desire of modern people. Modular office workstations are embodied in reasonable spaces, functions, shapes, and even colors while pursuing high efficiency. For example, in an open office, use office partition screens to save space. Another example is to adjust colors to affect people’s work efficiency according to the aesthetic psychology of modern people.
Functional characteristics of modular office workstations four: partition division
The main consideration is to use partitions to divide the office area, such as office screens, screens, screen partitions, high-compartment modular office screens and office chairs, etc., to separate each person’s office area by mistake.
Functional characteristics of modular office workstation five: function-intensive
As we all know, office space is very limited and precious. How to use limited resources to improve efficiency has become the focus of attention of enterprises. In order to achieve the goal of saving production costs, the functions of the office modular workstation are very intensive. It has a variety of office furniture accessories, such as simple file cabinets, pen holders, keyboard holders, mainframes, etc.