We can custom various furniture with good price, custom service such as:

1. Custom material: you can choose different material as you want.

2. Custom size:  any size from small to big  as your require.

3. Custom type: accept any style of furniture

4: Custom color: color also can choose by yourself.

5. Custom design: your any idea can be designed.

6. Custom technology: Make as your production processes

We provide professional furniture customization, design, and production centralized solutions.


How to custom office furniture?

1. Initial negotiation
2. Scheme design
3. Data submission for review
4. Material selection
5. Drawing deepening
6. Cost budget
7. Reach an agreement
8. Start production
9. Delivery and installation

Why to choose us to custom office furniture?

1. The designer visits the site and customizes it according to the needs.
①Professionals come to investigate and analyze, on-site measurement
②Provide material and color matching suggestions, and formulate overall solutions for the office environment
③Professional space planning and design, virtual reality simulation
④The drawings and legends are concise and easy to understand, and you can learn more about the product information

2. Selected materials, safe and environmentally friendly.
① To control the quality of raw materials, select high-quality environmentally friendly materials
②Double ISO management system, products reach international quality and environmental protection level
③Provide a complete set of office furniture procurement services for many foreign companies and government agencies

3. Quality commitment, international standards
①Quality inspection is strictly controlled to ensure that 100% of the products provided to customers are qualified products
② Follow-up inspection is carried out during the installation process, and timely replacement if there is a problem
③Operate with integrity and never cut corners

4. Efficient work to ensure that the supply tasks are completed on time, quality and quantity
①Equipped with professional trucks for transportation, complete packaging and protection measures are adopted during the transportation process
② Shorten the construction period as much as possible, improve efficiency, and let you enjoy office fun as soon as possible

As a professional office furniture manufacturer, we can customize any furniture according to customer requirements. Please kindly send us an email for getting more customized office furniture information.