What is the general size of indoor office furniture?

Office furniture size (standard)
Staff combination screen: 1200mm high
High partition screen: 1600mm~1800mm
Reception desk: double-layer inner height 700mm, outer height 750~1500mm
Desk: 750mm high
Conference and negotiation table: 750mm high
Coffee table: 450mm high
File cabinet: height 1800mm~2000mm

Common office furniture size
(1) Office furniture, sofa, coffee table: sofa: width: 600-800mm; height: 350-400mm; back: 1000mm. Coffee table: front type: 900×400×400(mm); center type: 900x 900×400(mm), 700×700×400(mm); left and right type: 600×400×400(mm).
(2) Office furniture desk: length: 1200-1600mm; width: 500-650mm; height: 700-760mm.
(3) Office furniture office chair: height: 400-450mm; length × width: 450 × 450 (mm).
(4) Office furniture bookcase: height: 1800mm; width: 1200-1500mm; depth: 450-500mm.
(5) Office furniture rack: height: 1800mm; width: 1000-1300mm; depth: 350-450mm.
(6) Wardrobe: the depth is generally 600~650mm; the width of the wardrobe door: 400~650;
(7) Sliding door width 750~1500, height 1900~2400;
(8) Low cabinet depth 350-450, cabinet door width 300-600;
(9) TV cabinet depth: 450-600, height 600-700;

For the height of tables and chairs, the country has standard regulations. Among them, table furniture can have four specifications of 700mm, 720mm, 740mm, and 760mm in height size; chair and stool furniture can have three specifications of 400mm, 420mm, and 440mm in height. In addition, standard sizes for tables and chairs are specified, and the height difference between tables and chairs should be controlled within the range of 280 to 320mm.

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