What are the production processes of office furniture?

1. Office furniture leather craft
That is, the sheet furniture made of particleboard or MDF is pasted with natural solid steel office furniture skins. This kind of process produces furniture. It is steel office furniture leather panel furniture. Its advantage is that the appearance is the same as solid steel office furniture. It is beautiful, has natural textures, and has defects that are slightly worse than solid steel office furniture in terms of environmental protection performance.

2. Sticker leather craft
The craft of making furniture by pasting the paper skin treated by a special process on the surface of the board. The furniture produced by this craft is the sticker-skin board furniture. Its strengths are that the exterior color and markings of the furniture are controllable, and the defects are high requirements for craftsmanship, simple peeling, and it is difficult to repair without traces after damage.

3. Melamine-based technology
The melamine process is to cover the appearance of a layer of melamine through high temperature and high pressure on the surface of the sheet. The panel furniture processed by this process is lubricated in appearance, wear-resistant, and heat-resistant. The furniture can maintain the color of its own raw materials. The defect is whether the product is environmentally friendly or not, the edge is not well-sealed, and the color can not be changed at will.