Features of the conference table:
1. Many styles and low price: Because of the material of the conference table, various shapes can be made during production, and the price is relatively cheap. General office conference tables are heavy and large. Therefore, when the company needs to relocate, it is more inconvenient to carry, and the conference table has detachable features, so it can solve the transportation problem and reduce a lot of trouble.
2. Customized production: Generally, different companies have their own different decorative features, so there are certain requirements for the style of office furniture, and the conference table can be customized according to the specific conditions of the conference room environment and space size, then It can greatly improve the space utilization of the meeting room, improve the overall beauty of the meeting room space, and directly improve the overall image of the company.
3. Good abrasion resistance: Because of the high hardness of the board, the conference table has extremely high abrasion resistance. Even if heavy or sharp objects touch the surface of the conference table, it will not cause obvious marks, and Because of its good wear resistance, it will not cause great damage to the conference table even if it is used for a long time. Because of this feature, it is more popular in the market.