As a professional office furniture manufacturer, we have professional design group, providing custom service for your jeans. If customer have samples, we can make it according to customer samples. If customer have no samples,we can design it according to customer idea, or customer can choose our factory samples.

Office furniture design concept:
1. Applicable
Office furniture should let users feel free to personalize their office space freely, freely move all elements in the space as needed, and allow intellectuals to give full play to their creativity. Interfaces are everywhere. Users may log on to the network at any time. Whether in team shared spaces, personal office spaces, training rooms, or conference rooms, how to creatively solve the distribution of data and power interfaces is the key to a reasonable office space layout and cost-saving.

2. Ergonomics
Tabletops with adjustable heights, friendly boundaries, and spaces that allow legs and feet to stretch freely. Furniture based on humanized internal factors will make people feel comfortable and therefore have better work efficiency.

3. Simple
Office furniture that is easy to disassemble and assemble freely does not require the help of too many professionals, and can effectively reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Four principles of office furniture design:
1. Is it practical
The function of a piece of furniture is appropriately important, and it must be able to reflect its own value. If it is a chair, it must be able to prevent your hips from touching the ground. If it is a bed, it must be able to let you sit on it, and it can also let you lie on it.

2. Is it comfortable
A piece of furniture must not only have its proper function, but also must have an appropriate level of comfort.

3. Can it be durable?
A piece of furniture should be able to be used for a long time, but the service life of each piece of furniture is also different, because this is closely related to their main function. Durability is often regarded as the only embodiment of quality. However, in fact, the quality of a piece of furniture is closely related to the perfect embodiment of each policy in the plan. It includes another policy that will be mentioned next: beautiful. If it is a chair that is very durable and reliable but has an ugly appearance, perhaps it is extremely uncomfortable to sit on, and it is not a high-quality chair.

4. Is it attractive?
In existing craft shops, the attractive appearance of the furniture produced is an important factor in distinguishing skilled workers from bosses.

design scheme                               CAD design drawing                        3D rendering