Project Description





Type: conference table

General Use: Commercial Furniture

Mail packing: Y

Design: conference table

Usage: Office Building Room

Design Style: Modern

Appearance: Modern

Application: Home Office, Hotel, Office Building, Hospital, School, Mall

Style: Meeting Table\conference Table

Delivery time: 25-30days

Material: Wood,Aluminum,Stainless steel

Color: Mahogany

MOQ: 10 units

Feature:  the conference

Conference table purchase skills:
Three steps for meeting table selection
The positioning of the conference table is based on the company’s size, image and qualifications. If the company is a large company with good qualifications, then the company’s conference table is positioned as a high-end conference table. If the company is small and does not have a certain scale and qualifications at the beginning of its development, then you can appropriately choose a mid-to-low-end conference table . If it is a studio, then downgrade according to the situation.
Determine the size of the conference table according to the size data of the conference room. For example, if the meeting room has a larger area, you can choose a custom-made meeting table with a larger size, which not only uses the space but also highlights the atmosphere of the meeting room. If the meeting room is small, you can choose a smaller meeting table appropriately. Of course, you must use the space of the meeting room reasonably and try to place the meeting table in the middle of the meeting room, which looks more logical and atmospheric.
After the positioning of the conference table is done, the material of the conference table can be selected. Conventional materials of the conference table are: solid wood conference table, artificial board conference table, MDF conference table, and steel conference table. According to the surface material, it can be divided into: paint conference table, board conference table and steel conference table. High-end conference tables are generally solid wood conference tables and painted conference tables, low-end conference tables are generally MDF, artificial board conference tables and board conference tables, and low-end conference tables are steel conference tables.