Project Description





Type: boss chair

General Use: Commercial Furniture

Mail packing: Y

Design: Modern

Usage:boss chair

Design Style: Modern

type: boss chair

Style: Executive Chair, Lift Chair, Swivel Chair

Folded: NO

Material: leather, Synthetic Leather

Warranty: 2 Years

Color: Khaki, black, amber, pink

MOQ: 10 units

Frame: Sturdy Metal Frame Construction

Feature: reated for bosses’ rare


Features of the boss chair:
The composition of the most commonly used boss chairs on the market is basically not much different from the computer chairs, and usually consists of the following parts:
Roller: Due to the popularity of computers, the boss chair usually used is a computer chair that can roll. There are rollers underneath so that the chair can slide freely on the ground;
Five claws: no claws are usually made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, solid wood, nylon, plastic and other materials;
Pneumatic rod: used to lift the boss chair, adjust to the most comfortable sitting posture;
Chassis: usually made of steel plate;
Chair seat: The surface is flannel, leather or mesh cloth, and the middle is high-density elastic sponge to ensure a comfortable sitting;
Armrests: The boss chair usually has armrests, which is convenient for the boss to contemplate or rest comfortably. The black-and-white boss chair armrest also has a lifting function; the backrest. The backrest and the seat structure are similar;
Pillow: It is convenient for the bosses to have a place to rely on their heads when resting or thinking. There are also boss chairs where the backrest and the backrest are connected together, and there is no separate separation. The headrest of the black and white boss chair also has a lifting function, which can be adjusted to the comfort of the headrest.
Efficacy: Bosses have to deal with more things every day, and they have to think non-stop every day. Therefore, the boss chair specially created for bosses’ rare rest time was born. The standard to measure whether a boss chair is qualified is first to sit comfortably. A good boss chair even needs to be comfortable with the waist and head. Its effect is to be comfortable for the bosses when thinking and resting; secondly, the boss chair is also an image And the embodiment of identity.