Project Description





Type: adjustable desk

General Use: Commercial Furniture

Mail packing: Y

Design: adjustable desk

Usage: Office Building Room

Design Style: Modern

Appearance: Modern

Application: Office Building,Hospital,School

Warranty: 2 Years

Material: metal

Color: Customer Request

MOQ: 10 units

Feature: to make family


Two benefits of adjustable table:
1. Adjust according to your height.
Nowadays, people basically work at their desks for more than ten hours a day. If you really want to ensure a better figure, of course, you still have to make family adjustments according to your height. The lifting desk can be effectively adjusted. You can adjust it to a more comfortable position according to your actual situation, so as to ensure that the office furniture will be more convenient to use.
2. Prevent diseases such as spine disease
The lifting desk allows us to stand up and work, and the height adjustment span is relatively large, especially for some friends who often sit in the office to work. In fact, it is necessary for us to stand office or to our lumbar and cervical spine. s help. If the lumbar and cervical spine diseases have really appeared, the use of the lifting desk is also very guaranteed. By continuously adjusting the height of the lifting desk, the lumbar and cervical spine diseases can be improved.