Project Description





Type: filing cabinet

General Use: Commercial Furniture

Mail packing: Y

Design: Modern

Usage: Office/school/company/hospital

Design Style: Modern

Appearance: Modern

Application: Clothes and Belongings Storage

Size: 1800*900*400MM

Lock: Key Lock

MOQ: 10 units

Feature: this, you have


The importance of office filing cabinets:
Because the pace of life and work in many cities is relatively fast, and work efficiency requirements are high, office workers pay more attention to the living environment and office environment. Therefore, in a normal office environment, various office materials must be divided into categories. Storage.
Then, the purpose of the office file cabinet at this time is reflected. As the name suggests, the office file cabinet is a cabinet for storing office documents. It seems to have no particular effect, but in fact it is indispensable. You can imagine such a scene. If the office does not have a file cabinet, you pile up Where will the mountain of documents be stored? Where will your pile of documents be stored? When you need to use documents for a meeting, do you need to spend a lot of time looking for what you need from the document pile? A document, for this, you have to devote enough time and energy, are you willing to do this? So although it is unremarkable, it can make your office area tidy and save you a lot of time. Isn’t that enough?